Seeni sambol

Seeni Sambal

Seeni sambol


Seeni Sambal: Sri Lanka's Sweet and Spicy Delight

Unleash a symphony of flavors with Seeni Sambal, a staple condiment in Sri Lankan cuisine. This caramelized onion relish boasts a sweet and spicy flavor profile that perfectly complements various Sri Lankan dishes.

Aromatic and Delicious:

Seeni Sambal is made with caramelized onions, a touch of sweetener like jaggery or sugar, and a kick of spices like chili powder and sometimes Maldive fish flakes. This combination creates a unique relish that is both aromatic and flavorful.

The Perfect Complement:

Seeni Sambal is a versatile condiment, ideal for:

  • Enhancing curries and stews: Add a dollop of Seeni Sambal to your favorite Sri Lankan curry or stew for an extra layer of sweet and spicy complexity.
  • Elevating rice dishes: Seeni Sambal adds a burst of flavor and a touch of sweetness to plain rice dishes.
  • Spicing up roti and string hoppers: Enjoy Seeni Sambal as a delicious accompaniment to traditional Sri Lankan flatbreads like roti and string hoppers (idiyappam).

Simple to Make or Enjoy Pre-Made:

Seeni Sambal is easy to prepare at home using readily available ingredients. However, for a convenient option, many stores offer pre-made Seeni Sambal, allowing you to enjoy this Sri Lankan staple without the hassle.

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