Niru Maida Flour 1kg

SKU: G40018
Niru Maida Flour 1kg

Niru Maida Flour 1kg

SKU: G40018
Niru Maida Flour 1kg
Maida: A Versatile Flour for Indian Delights

Maida is a refined wheat flour widely used in Indian cuisine. With its soft and smooth texture, maida serves as a versatile ingredient in a variety of dishes, including desserts, snacks, and bread.

Naan: Fluffy Bread from Maida

Naan, a traditional Indian bread, is made with maida. This leavened bread, cooked in a tandoor or oven, boasts a fluffy texture that complements curries, kebabs, or can be relished on its own.

Samosa: Savory Delight with Maida

Samosas, beloved Indian pastries, feature a maida-based outer covering. Thin sheets of maida are filled with a spiced mixture of potatoes, peas, and sometimes meat. Deep-fried to golden perfection, samosas make a delightful snack for any occasion.

Puri: Deep-Fried Delicacy with Maida

Puri, a deep-fried bread, is another culinary gem made from maida. It is often served with a variety of curries or as part of festive meals. The puffed-up puris have a light and airy texture, making them a popular choice when served hot.

Maida Cake: Tender Indulgence

Maida is also used to create delectable cakes and pastries. Maida cakes have a soft and tender crumb, which can be flavored with vanilla, chocolate, or fruit. Whether for birthdays, celebrations, or a sweet treat, maida cakes are a delightful indulgence.

Fried Snacks: Crispy Pleasures with Maida

Maida plays a prominent role in creating an array of fried snacks like pakoras, bhajis, or fritters. These snacks feature a batter made from maida, spices, and a variety of vegetables or proteins. Deep-fried to crispy perfection, they make for delightful accompaniments with tea or appetizers.

Maida's versatility adds its distinct touch to a range of flavors and textures, whether you're relishing the fluffy naan with your favorite curry or savoring the crispiness of a samosa. From traditional bread to tempting desserts and snacks, maida is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine.


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