Ulavan - Mottai Karuppan (Boiled Rice)

SKU: L3167
Ulavan - Mottai Karuppan (Boiled Rice)

Ulavan - Mottai Karuppan (Boiled Rice)

SKU: L3167
Ulavan Mottai Karuppan

Discover the distinct flavour and wholesome nutrition of Mottai Karuppan rice. Originating from South India, this cherished rice variety offers a delightful taste and a pleasing texture. Order now to experience the exceptional qualities of Mottai Karuppan rice.
Mottai Karuppan rice is a cherished variety of rice originating from South India. It is known for its distinct flavour, pleasing texture, and wholesome nutrition.

With its unique flavour profile, Mottai Karuppan rice adds a delightful touch to your meals. It offers a combination of nuttiness and sweetness, with subtle aromatic notes that enhance the overall taste. Each grain is rich in flavour, contributing to a satisfying culinary experience.

The texture of Mottai Karuppan rice is pleasingly firm and plump. It provides a slight chewiness that adds an enjoyable mouthfeel to your dishes. Whether used in biryanis, pilafs, or as a side dish, the texture of this rice enhances the overall dining experience.

In addition to its sensory qualities, Mottai Karuppan rice is also a wholesome choice. It is a good source of carbohydrates, providing sustained energy. This rice variety also contains essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, contributing to a balanced diet.

To experience the distinct flavour and wholesome nutrition of Mottai Karuppan rice, order now and elevate your meals with this exceptional rice variety. Discover why it is cherished by those who appreciate the unique qualities of South Indian cuisine.

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