Katta sambol (Chilled)

Katta Sambal

Katta sambol (Chilled)


Katta Sambol: Sri Lanka's Fiery and Savory Condiment

Ignite your taste buds with Katta Sambol, a cornerstone condiment in Sri Lankan cuisine. This fiery and flavorful relish is a vibrant blend of red chilies, onions, Maldive fish flakes, and a medley of spices, guaranteed to add a punch to any meal.

A Symphony of Heat and Savory Depth:

Katta Sambol is a labor of love, traditionally prepared using a mortar and pestle. The key ingredients – red chilies, onions, and Maldive fish flakes (known as "maldive hakuru") – are finely ground together, creating a chunky and textured relish. The chilies provide the heat, while the onions offer a balancing sweetness. The Maldive fish flakes add a unique umami depth and a touch of smokiness, taking the flavor profile to another level.

Spice Up Your Meals:

Katta Sambol is a versatile condiment, perfect for:

  • Adding fire to curries and stews: A dollop of Katta Sambol instantly elevates the flavor profile of your favorite Sri Lankan curries and stews, offering a delightful contrast to creamy coconut milk bases.
  • Enhancing rice dishes: Take your plain rice to the next level with a spoonful of Katta Sambol. The vibrant flavors add an exciting dimension to simple rice dishes.
  • Complementing Roti and String Hoppers: Enjoy Katta Sambol as a fiery accompaniment to traditional Sri Lankan flatbreads like Roti and String Hoppers (Idiyappam).

Simple to Make or Enjoy Pre-Made:

Katta Sambol is easy to prepare at home using fresh ingredients and a mortar and pestle. However, for a convenient option, many stores offer pre-made Katta Sambol, allowing you to enjoy this Sri Lankan staple without the hassle.

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